Identity Theft

Not much is new under the Sun. The same can be said about the temptations that the devil uses against mankind, yet so often we still fall in those traps. I believe one way we can avoid those pitfalls in our life is to know the strategy of our adversary. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 2:11 “we are not ignorant of his (satan’s) devices” and Peter warns us that he is “like” a roaring lion and will seek out whom he can devour. In the past I’ve heard preachers say that the devil is a “toothless lion” but I’ve felt some teeth sink in me before and I’m sure a that Peter didn’t say he’d gum you to death, but that he would devour whoever he could!

So as this roaring lion is seeking a meal don’t clothe yourself in a Happy Meal Box but put on Christ, clothe yourself in His armor!

So when we become aware of our enemy then we can overcome him! We have the weapons in the Blood and Word of our Testimony (Rev 12:11) and these weapons are mighty and pull down strongholds (2 Cor 10:4). But we must recognize his schemes and realize our Identity in Christ!

Everywhere we turn nowadays we see adds to protect our Identity. From Social Security numbers to Credit Cards people are working constantly to steal your identity so they can reap rewards without the consequence of paying for what they have stolen or living a life that doesn’t belong to them. This ploy isn’t new by any means, it is just more evident in this cyber world we all live in now. It is frustrating when someone steals you credit card info to buy 60 pairs of shoes, but it is even more frustrating to see so many in the Body of Christ allowing the devil to steal their identity in Christ!

As I stated in the opening paragraph – There’s not much new under the Sun – And from the beginning he has gone after Identity. In Genesis 3:4-5 we see the conversation between Eve and the serpent (which is another deep subject that Eve talked with animals, but we’ll leave that for another day). In this conversation he convinces her that she “won’t die but her eyes will be opened AND she’ll be LIKE God.” In other words your identity will shift from just being created to being like the Creator – and she fell into the trap along with Adam and the fall of mankind began. What troubles me most about this story is that Eve didn’t realize her identity, the fact that she was already “like God” because she was formed in His Image (Gen 1:26).

Jesus thwarts the devil at every turn!

Flash forward thousands of years to the wilderness by the Jordan River and we find Jesus freshly baptized and Filled with The Holy Spirit and led by that same Spirit into the wilderness. (Matt 3:16-4:1) It is in this moment that Jesus faces off with the tempter for the first time and what is the devil’s first attack? IDENTITY! Matt 4:3 If You are the Son of God…

So let’s look into the mind and strategy of the enemy – He’s thinking – That first couple didn’t realize who they were created to be and the authority that was on their lives, they had no idea that I was subject to them or that they really were just like God minus the whole understanding of evil (Because God is JUST GOODNESS) and all I had to do was question their identity and BAM I win! From there I have controlled and manipulated mankind by causing insecurities, jealousy, carnal desires and need for recognition to be at the forefront of their thoughts, so this guy Jesus shouldn’t be any different…

We know from the rest of Matthew 4 that Jesus thwarts the devil at every turn, but how? He won by the Word, Granted He is the Word but His knowing the Words that Jehovah had spoke and being full of the Holy Spirit He overcame! This is not just a cool story but an example for us to live by! When we know who we are IN Christ and who Christ is IN us we can become unstoppable. We can only know all this by allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal it through God’s Word, it is after all the sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:17) If we arm ourselves with the truth of the Word then every attempt to cause an identity crisis in our lives is defeated.

So as this roaring lion is seeking a meal don’t clothe yourself in a Happy Meal Box but put on Christ, clothe yourself in His armor, realize that you were created in His image and for His Glory alone. Because as the devil’s ploys don’t change, Our God Never Changes and His Victory remains forever, we just need to walk in it. Get in the Word and let the Word get in you, that is the greatest identity protection and the Key to Victory In Life!

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